Cuomo to Trump: Federal tax plan is grossly unfair to NYS

Posted at 3:36 PM, Oct 31, 2017

Today Governor Cuomo issued a letter to President Donald Trump criticizing his tax plan to get rid of or roll back state and local tax deductibility. Cuomo calls on the President to not use New York as a piggy bank for other states. 

Cuomo begins his letter: 

Dear President Trump,

 I write to you on an issue that impacts every single American: pending federal tax legislation. I am not writing as a Democratic Governor to a Republican President, but rather as one New Yorker who cares about New York and the country to another. I often say to the New York State legislature, "we are Democrats and we are Republicans, but we are New Yorkers first."

Political reps say the tax proposal will eliminate the state and local tax deduction, the most popular deduction taken by New York taxpayers. 

The Governor's letter continues about the deduction:

It's clear this is a hostile political act aimed at the economic heart of New York with no basis on the merits. First, it is an illegal and unconstitutional double taxation that forces our middle class families to subsidize a tax cut for the rest of the nation, and it is contrary to every principle the Republican Party has always espoused. Second, it reverses all the bipartisan progress New York State has made in lowering taxes over these past few years. While we have lowered state income taxes, capped property taxes and are forcing local governments to consider shared services, this federal act would erase all those gains and in fact increase taxes. Eliminating state and local deductibility will result in a tax increase of $5,660 on average for one in three taxpayers in New York, or 3.3 million New Yorkers.

The letter CC'ed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:

I understand why Paul Ryan would seek to hurt New York, but to ask New York Republican members of Congress to vote to raise taxes on their constituents is a betrayal against their state and their constituents. In fact, seven of nine Republicans from New York are against it. The two representatives who support it—Congressmen Collins and Reed—are the Benedict Arnolds of their time because they are putting their own political benefit above the best interests of their constituents.

Speaker Ryan's only justification is that other states subsidize New York. He is just wrong. They don't. The opposite is true. New York subsidizes every other state in the nation. We are the highest donor state which means we send $48 billion more in tax dollars to the federal government than we receive back in federal spending.

Governor Cuomo says the plan will "destroy New York's economy."