Cuomo considering special session for Lake Ontario flooding

Posted at 11:15 PM, Oct 11, 2017

On Wednesday, the surf was raging on Lake Ontario. Since water levels receded after this summer's flooding, the lake is not an immediate threat to most homes.  For Carol Ralicki, the damage is already done.

They've made fixes to the outside their home, thanks to flood insurance, but inside their home, flood insurance won't pay for fixing the cracks in their foundation.

In May, Governor Andrew Cuomo, said money would be available to homeowners dealing with Lake Ontario flooding. That money has run out. Cuomo penned a letter suggesting the Assembly and Senate hold a special session to provide additional funding for lakeshore homeowners.

Something the Ralicki's, who haven't received help from the state, would like to see happen.

“If he gives us money, we'll be able to fix that,” said Carol Ralicki while pointing to the cracks in her basement.