CSX train stalls at crossing in Tonawanda, delayed due to personnel shortage

CSX train stalls at crossing in Tonawanda
Posted at 9:07 AM, Feb 09, 2018

UPDATE:  CSX Railway notified Town of Tonawanda Police that due to federal laws the crew operating the train reached it's maximum allowable working hours. As a result, the crew shut down and vacated the train. Another crew came in and cleared the train shortly after 11 a.m.

ORIGINAL: Police in the Town of Tonawanda are warning commuters and pedestrians to look for alternate routes Friday morning if their commute takes them along Woodward Avenue.

A CSX train stalled while traveling along the tracks that cross Woodward Avenue just west of Military Road around 8:30 Friday morning. CSX expects the train to remain there for at least two hours because of a personnel shortage.

The area around the railroad crossing is closed to all traffic-- including emergency vehicles.

Police recommend using Sheridan Drive and Riverview Boulevard instead of Woodward Avenue until the train is moved.


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