'Crosswalk Ninja' helping WNY one crosswalk at a time

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jul 17, 2018

Rebecca Reilly doesn't care for poorly painted streets nor streets painted without cyclists or pedestrians in mind. 

“We started building the U.S. for cars, not for walkers and not for cyclists,” said Reilly. “I'm trying to turn back the clock a little bit.”

Reilly works for GoBike Buffalo. Last year the group received a small grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo to make a couple of streets more cyclist and pedestrian friendly.

“We had to do, I think, three projects and that was about 12 crosswalks. I ended up doing 40 crosswalks last year,” added Reilly.

Add on dozens more projects across WNY and Reilly will be busy this summer.

She even does her city-approved painting sessions in the wee hours of the morning, earning her the nickname, 'Crosswalk Ninja.'   

For more on the work being done by GoBike Buffalo and their Complete Streets project you can click here. 

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