Crews work to dig out South Buffalo roads

Posted at 1:54 PM, Nov 21, 2014

South Buffalo is one of the areas hit hardest by the recent snowfall, and crews are working to clear the roads as fast as they can, though several are still blocked.

Reporter Matt Bove rode along with Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak and Operations Engineer Don Poleto to survey some of the areas hit the worst. 

Their drive started down South Park Ave., where they passed some police that are still blocking off the road.

The further they moved away from the city, the higher the snow piled on the sides of roads. 

Crews are continuing to work night and day to clear the snow.

"Right now we got 220 pieces of equipment on the roadway. A lot of what we've got is city crews, mutual aid crews from different areas of the state and independent contractors," Stepniak said.

The main problem for crews is abandoned cars that still line multiple side roads throughout South Buffalo. 

"You have to dig each one of them out, you don't want to damage them, you want to have them pulled to safety," Stepniak said.

Despite all the work crews are putting in, there's still no word on when South Buffalo roads will be clear.

"We reevaluate every 6 hours," Stepniak said. "We're going to be doing another evaluation in the upcoming hours and we'll notify the public when it's safe."