CPS caseworkers now work out of schools

Posted at 9:55 PM, Sep 17, 2015

A new push by the Erie County Department of Social Services aims to tackle the CPS caseload problem head-on.

CPS caseworkers will now cut down on drive time by working directly out of 28 suburban school districts in Western New York.

"This will assist in their investigations," explained Al Dirschberger, Commissioner of Erie County Social Services. "Workers will be able to have a contact and improve collaboration to provide better safety for families and children we serve in Erie County."

It's all part of an effort by CPS to address a growing child abuse caseload in Erie County. Several children in Western New York have died at the hands of their caretakers.

Since Dirschberger took over as commissioner more than six months ago, he says case loads have decreased by 50 percent.

Cheektowaga School Superintendent Dennis Kane says this is a great initiative to tackle certain issues like educational neglect and attendance issues.

"Having CPS workers on site helps us get to things quicker," said Kane. "If kids don't come to school, it's educational neglect, and that could be the tip of the ice berg for other issues."

Once all school boards in the area sign on, the workers should start by October.

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