County searches for fix to storm related fiascos

Posted at 6:48 PM, Dec 11, 2014
and last updated 2015-12-06 18:48:25-05

Thursday, town and village leaders from across Erie County looking for answers as to why they didn't see county plows for days following Snowvember.

Some town and village leaders say the county's emergency DLAN system which they are supposed to use to communicate with the county's emergency operations center was ineffective because they didn't know whether anyone on the county's end was getting their requests for help.

Other big issues?

Many people in places like Elma, Hamburg, Orchard Park, Alden and East Aurora said they didn't see a single county plow during the storm for days - in some cases - not until four days after the storm.

Also, Hamburg Town Supervisor Steven Walters says the New York State Thruway Authority made things worse.

"Their just complete and utter lack of communication, lack of real decision making from the higher levels in terms of when to close the thruway authority and once that decision to close the thruway authority was made, what to do with those vehicles," explained Walters.

Supervisor Walters says those vehicles were dumped onto his town roads, including abandoned tractor trailers, which made them completely impassable.

Another issue of concern that came up during Thursday's meeting is that the county's snow removal equipment is old and at least seven pieces of equipment were taken out of rotation after Snowvember.

The Erie County Legislature will now compile the information received from towns and villages and work on remedies to the problems.