County details causes of 911 system failure

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 07, 2016

Public Safety officials say last week's 911 system failure was the result of a series of issues.

It started when an employee who was to remedy a basement server room with equipment that was overheating.

Commissioner of Emergency Services Dan Neaverth said the employee pulled a kill switch, eliminating power and causing the 911 center computers to shut down. 

That's when the 911 back-up systems should have re-routed calls to it's other call locations, but that never happened.

Neaverth said that Verizon may be to blame for that part of the problem, but the company told 7 Eyewitness News last week that its system worked properly. 

"If the system rolled the way that it was designed to it would have just been a blip on he media's radar," said Neaverth.

Neaverth said the system should roll to the other locations "regardless of whether a person presses a button or a person throws a bomb into the building."

"Sounds to me the administration is looking to have a scapegoat to say someone hit a button and shut down the whole system when the reality is that person probably wasn't trained properly," said Erie County Majority Leader Joe Lorigo.

The legislature plans to meet again next month to discuss the matter and hopes Verizon and other third party companies will attend.