Councilman wants city to consider Bills stadium sites

Posted at 12:28 PM, Dec 08, 2014

The Common Council will consider a resolution Tuesday that calls on Mayor Byron Brown and the Department for Strategic Planning to identify the best location for a new Buffalo Bills stadium in the city.

The resolution will be introduced by Councilman David Franczyk. In it, he argues that the City of Buffalo “should ideally get out in front of the issue by advocating a suitable location in the city which would return the stadium to Buffalo.”

Franczyk says the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce argued the new football and baseball stadiums should be built near the University at Buffalo’s Amherst campus following the decision to close War memorial Stadium in the 1960s, but somehow the stadium ended up being built in Orchard Park.

The councilman says there are several locations that would work now, including the waterfront, the Perry Project site, the Central Terminal site, among others.

“It is not too early to plan and advocate for stadium location sites in the City of Buffalo with an eye to returning the NFL football stadium to the city. Vital issues such as the cost of the stadium and how much private money would be invested, including expected requests for public subsidy, would have to be ascertained and be part of any final decision, or support, regardless of location,” the resolution states.

If passed, the resolution would also be a statement showing the Common Council supports a new Bills stadium being built in the city.