Could spiders be living in your car? Local mechanics see spike of spider complaints

Posted at 11:18 PM, Oct 10, 2017

Several Western New York drivers have found some unwanted passengers in their cars.  With cold weather coming, spiders have been making their homes in cars across the region, and Phil Basinski, owner of Sweeny's garage in the Town of Tonawanda says drivers want nothing to do with their eight legged co-pilots.

"We have had a few people that say they're not willing to drive the car if they had any sense there's a spider anywhere near them."

Basinski says they've seen spider calls for the first time this year, but have already come up with a way to fight back.  A "Chlorine Bomb" as he calls it, is a package of chlorine that is often used by dealers to remove odors, but he's found it gets the spiders out as well.

"The inside of your vehicle will smell like the swimming pool in your high school, but it will dissipate very quickly and evidently that chlorine smell is strong enough it will kill anything inside the car."

But when it comes to the critters, Basinski says drivers just want to be rid of their guests

"they want them out of there, they don't care what it takes.  They just want them gone."