Could new stadium help Buffalo host a Super Bowl?

Posted at 6:59 PM, Feb 05, 2018

Super Bowl 2018 is now in the record books as having the most combined total yards ever in an NFL game.  It also helped Minneapolis, Minnesota show off its new football stadium (U.S. Bank Stadium) that was opened in 2016 for a cost exceeding $1 billion dollars.  Nearly half of the money came from taxpayer funds through the state and city.

Minneapolis is a cold weather city like Buffalo.  So, the big question, if Buffalo had a new stadium could it attract a future Super Bowl?

According to UB Sports Law Professor Nellie Drew, the NFL wants the big game held in more modern stadiums so it can entertain clients with Fortune 500 connections in elite style.

However, stadiums that offer those sort of amenities can cost over a billion dollars to construct and need to have more than just a football field.

"Hotels, maybe a convention center, restaurants . . . it is sort of a mini-city if you will," explained professor Drew.

So can Buffalo do it?

"I think we have excellent experience now hosting the World Juniors and other large events.  There is no reason we couldn't - but it would require a substantial amount of time, energy and money for the investment," added the UB professor.

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