Could Amazon pick Buffalo for their new headquarters?

Posted at 11:24 PM, Sep 07, 2017

Amazon is looking for a second home and almost every inch of the country is rushing to welcome the company with open arms, including Western New York.   

“A project of this magnitude is somewhat unprecedented,” said Alan Rosenhoch with Invest Buffalo Niagara.

The announcement to create a second Amazon headquarters was made Thursday Morning. The Company is taking requests for proposals until October. The company is looking a metropolitan area with more than a million people, is business friendly, and has the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent.   

“We have everything they're looking for. We have the population we have the workforce. We have the proximity to Canada for an international marketplace,” said Joseph Lorigo, the majority leader of the Erie County Legislator.

Amazon’s second headquarters would create 50,000 high paying jobs and is estimated to pump billions of dollars into whatever location’s economy the company chooses.

Erie County will be pitching Amazon and Invest Buffalo Niagara will play a key part in creating that pitch.

“Our region has a stupendous moment going here and that will play into the pitch,” said Rosenhoch.

Realistically, Buffalo will by fighting the odds. Several other cities, including Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Toronto among many others, have all expressed interest.  

Niagara County is also making a bid for the company.

Amazon will be opening a warehouse in Lancaster later this year.