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Uber to provide 1,000 free rides to those seeking domestic violence services

Posted at 2:55 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 14:55:21-04

Uber has donated $35,000 in free rides for those seeking domestic violence services. These funds will be directed to Haven House, which connects services for those who have experienced domestic violence.

The donation is part of a larger commitment Uber to provide 50,000 free rides to shelters and safe spaces in more than 35 cities across 17 countries.

Victims seeking transportation and other services to flee a violent situation in Erie County can contact the Haven House Domestic Violence Hotline, which is available 24/7 at 716-884-6000.

If needed and appropriate, operators will send an Uber to a location identified by the victim to pick them up and transport them to a safe location, or help them get to to Haven House.

The system will pair the person calling with the closest driver in the area, and the victim’s privacy will be protected by personnel at Haven House.

The company said it is partnering with domestic & sexual violence organizations, anti-human trafficking service providers, and local governments across the globe to help survivors access life-saving services and find a safe place to shelter.