Retailer shuts down locations, online shop amid coronavirus emergency

Posted at 7:22 PM, Mar 13, 2020

On the same day President Donald Trump issued a national emergency, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia announced plans to shut down its physical and online stores amid the spread of coronavirus.

Patagonia became the largest known retailer nationally to shutter operations in response to coronavirus fears.

The move, Patagonia's CEO said, was to minimize risk to employees and the public.

"We encourage our friends everywhere to take the extra precautions necessary to safeguard their health and that of others," CEO Rose Marcario said. "It’s everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of this virus. "

"Over the years, as our Patagonia community has been faced with challenges, I have always been inspired by how we emerge stronger and with an even deeper sense of purpose," Marcario added." We will persevere through this challenge, too."

The company will close at the end of the day Friday and will wait two weeks to reassess.

Marcario said that all employees will receive their regular pay during the closure.

Patagonia operates 37 stores nationally.