How Twin City Ambulance is improving patient transport

Posted at 3:26 PM, Oct 20, 2020

Some EMT’s believe it’s the latest and greatest in the world of sanitizing.

“It’s EPA certified. It’s all natural. It’s safe for people. It’s more potent than bleach without the hazards of bleach,” explained Joe Lavey, Twin City Ambulance Logistics Manager.

Lavey is talking about the Purus Air disinfectant system. Twin City has purchased one to disinfect its ambulances. The machine produces a fog of non-toxic oxidants which is placed inside an ambulance. Lavey said the fog kills any pathogens that may be in the air or on an ambulance surface.

Previously, an EMT or medic would have to wipe down the entire ambulance to disinfect it. It’s a process that would take up to 40 minutes. Lavey said the new fog machine does things much more quickly and effectively.

“Within two minutes, COVID or anything else nasty in that ambulance is dead. It will go through your AC and heater system and kill any bacteria inside those systems as well.”

Twin City is the first ambulance company in western New York to invest in the technology. Right now, they’ve only purchased one backpack unit, which cost more than $8,000.

“This is going to give everyone peace of mind, that we know we’re giving our employees and patients the best possible cleaning available on the market,’ Lavey concluded.