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Hospitals seeing increase in urgent deliveries among expectant mothers

Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 19:26:12-04

Catholic Health hospital officials said they’re seeing delays in patients seeking maternity care leading to urgent deliveries.

“When patients wait to long, babies might not have the equipment or personnel to take care of the babies,” said Dr. Anthony Pivarunas, the Catholic Health OB/GYN Services Chair.

“There’s a lot of coronavirus cases right now in Erie Co. right now, and that made me nervous,” said new mom Stacey Lundell, of Springville.

Lundell said she was feeling concerned about delivering at a hospital leading up to the birth of her daughter, Luna. “It’s a fear of everyone’s right now I’d guess. Scared to go to the doctors, scared to go to the store, everything.”

She arrived at Mercy Hospital in plenty of time for a scheduled induction.

But, Catholic Health officials believe some expectant mothers are waiting to long to go to the hospital out of fear of catching the virus, causing them to give birth at home or in the car.
Catholic Health officials said very few COVID-19 patients are being treated at their birthing hospitals. Currently, Sisters of Charity has two COVID-19 patients, Mercy Hospital is treating nine, and Mount Saint Mary doesn’t have any.

Everyone entering the hospital is screened. Mothers and birth partners are given masks. However, a mask isn’t required during labor. All expectant mothers are now being tested for COVID-19 prior to delivery.

If you’re in labor and you’re not sure whether to go to the hospital, call your doctor or midwife for further instruction.

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