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Homemade Haircuts IPA offers a sip to ease the clip

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Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 19:27:42-04

BUFFALO (WKBW) — Thinking of cutting your hair at home? Resurgence Brewing is offering a sip to ease the clip with the new "Homemade Haircuts" IPA.

"Homemade Haircuts", a New England Style IPA, is the latest beer in the newly created "Social Distancing" series by Resurgence Brewing.
The limited release beer can be purchased online and then picked up curbside starting on Saturday April 18th at 55 Chicago Street.

Resurgence Brewing created "Social Distancing" IPA in March which quickly sold out. "Virtual Happy Hour" is the next beer planned in the Social Distancing series.