Corn harvest results in Western New York

Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 18:17:15-04

A dry, hot, and sunny summer is the perfect recipe for sweet corn-- and that's the kind of summer Western New York had. 

"The quality this year is really good," Karyn Sullivan, owner of Agle Farms in Eden said, "Because we have had enough sun which makes the sugar, which gives the corn good flavor." 

Agle Farms hand picks fifteen acres of corn in the summer time and Sullivan is very happy with her crop.

Sullivan is one of the four farmers that provide the Eden Corn Festival with the corn they need to feed the festival goers. 

The Eden Corn Fest is celebrating its 55th year with carnival games, festival food, and of course the classic sweet corn. Last year the festival sold over 23,000 ears of corn, and is expecting a great turnout again for this year. 

The Eden firefighters are in charge of cooking, butter-ing, and selling the delicious sweet corn. In just one weekend, they are able to raise enough money to support the fire department for the entire year. 

"Corn and curly fries are what we do here," Chris Colvin, Co-chairman of the Eden Corn Fest, said. "And have been... since the inception of the corn festival."  

Colvin adds that firemen like to stick with tradition of boiling the corn, soaking it in butter, and selling it to the community.

The Eden Corn Festival kicked off Thursday and is open from 3pm-11pm, Friday 3pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am, and finishes Sunday 12pm-10pm. 


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