Controversial drone law could be coming down

Posted at 11:27 PM, Oct 04, 2017

In a Town Board meeting Wednesday night, the Orchard Park Town Board voted to schedule a public hearing related to the law that prohibits drone flying within 3 miles of large events for the six hours before the event, during it, and the six hours after. Bringing the law to a public hearing will essentially remove it. 

The law was created in 2015, one year before the FAA established the federal law that says drones are not allowed within three miles of a large event, such as an NFL game, only one hour before the event. The FAA has jurisdiction over the air traffic, not local governments, which means Orchard Park cannot technically enforce their law because it undermines the federal level. 

Jason Agnello, the owner of Drone Photography 716, is incredibly excited about the prospect of the rule being changed because that would mean he could film Buffalo Bills excitement from the air. 

"That would be amazing, that would be epic." Agnello said, "I would love to be able to get osme footage of New Era Field. I would love to get video of tailgating."

The repeal of this law will not take place for another month at the earliest according to Councilman Michael Sherry.