Contractor falls through ceiling of Green Acres School

Posted at 10:59 AM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 12:06:17-05

An electrician fell through the ceiling of a school and described the experience in what may be the most nonchalant interview ever.

Brandon Gleason was in a crawl space running wires for a project at Green Acres in Tonawanda when he fell through the ceiling into a two by two foot space, about 20 feet high. "I saw my buddy who was up there, I'm like 'I'm falling' and he's like 'oh no' and he comes running over and I'm already at the bottom," said Gleason, when asked what was going through his mind.

Gleason was unhurt by the fall, but was trapped for about an hour. The military veteran tried to fashion a pull system with a rope but was unable to get out because, "we just couldn't get the right angle."

Brighton Volunteer fire crews came to Gleason's rescue, cutting into the cinder block walls to free him. 

"From the time we got here to the time we got out, it only took 15 minutes," said Brighton Assistant Fire Chief Steven Dabney.

"I see light, I get pulled out and I'm out and I'm free," said Gleason with a smile. "It's hump day." He was uninjured.