Contractor accused of stealing paver stones

Posted at 9:38 AM, Jun 16, 2017

A man listed as a home improvement contractor in Tonawanda was arrested after police say he tried to steal decorative paver stones from a construction site.

City of Tonawanda Police were called to the site of the city's intermodal hub on Young Street for a report of suspicious activity.  They say they found 50-year-old Howard Brubaker trying to steal decorative paver stones.  Police say he had loaded 129 decorative pavers in his van and tried to leave, telling police his boss told him to pick them up.  Brubaker later told police he was lying.

A number of home improvement sites list Brubaker as a home improvement contractor in the Tonawanda area who runs his own home improvement company.  Brubaker is charged with criminal tresspass and larceny.