Construction underway on $14 million Williamsville townhome project

Posted at 10:46 AM, Feb 13, 2018

Construction is officially underway on a $14 million townhome project in Williamsville, New York.

Marrano Homes announced Tuesday it received final attorney general approval last week to begin marketing and sales of 40 new luxury townhomes in the Windstone community.

Two buildings are currently under construction. Marrano plans to build a total of seven buildings on the six-acre site overlooking the Country Club of Buffalo and the Miller Tennis Center.

“We’re thrilled that our new Windstone townhome project is officially underway,” said David DaPaolo, executive vice president of land development, Marrano Homes. “With two different floor plans available in one of Western New York’s top locations, we’re providing homebuyers with the latest in high-quality standards, efficiencies and building codes. We’ve seen significant demand for this type of housing in the area and are excited to be able to deliver.” 

Buyers can choose from two different two-story designs priced in the mid-$270s and the mid-$300s. The townhomes are expected to be move-in ready by the spring of 2018.


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