Congressman Collins proposes change to Medicaid funding

Posted at 8:39 PM, Mar 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-18 20:42:30-04

Congressman Chris Collins detailed his proposed amendment to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) Saturday alongside several Erie and Niagara County officials.

The amendment would change the way states pay for Medicaid.  Rather than collect money from counties and other local governments, Congressman Collins wants state governments to pick up the whole tab.

Congressman Collins is working to make sure the AHCA bans federal reimbursement for state Medicaid funds that are drawn from local governments.

“Year after year, Albany’s leadership relies on counties to foot the bill for New York State’s out-of-control Medicaid costs,” Congressman Chris Collins said. “Enough is enough. My common sense proposal will keep New York accountable for their Medicaid spending, and help counties lower their property taxes on hardworking families. We understand the devastating impact New York’s reckless spending is having on Western New Yorkers, and I’m proud to join with our county legislators to fight for this legislation.”

The press conference was held at the Erie County Legislature and protestors gathered outside the building to show their frustration with the measure.

"Everybody's family members deserve adequate care and the Medicaid cuts that the new plan is proposing--the changes in the way Medicaid is allotted--will really decimate us," Sarah Buckley, a registered nurse, explained.

Congressman Collins said New York State should be able to easily make up for the lost $2.3 billion dollars this measure would take away from Medicaid liability.

"Talking about the blind and the disabled, the moms and the young children, the elderly," he said.  "There is absolutely nothing here that is going to impact anyone.  And again it's a 1.5% cut in the state budget."