Congressman Chris Collins beefs up his security

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jun 18, 2017

Republican Congressman Chris Collins is taking his personal safety more serious now than ever. He's even considering exercising his right to bear arms.

"I will play it by ear and I'll decide when I think it's appropriate and when I think it's not," Collins said.

This weekend Collins hosted a Veterans Workshop in Geneseo. It was his first public appearance since a gunman opened fired at the Republican Congressional Baseball Practice in Virginia on Wednesday. Several people including Congressman Steve Scalise were hurt. Collins said he has some concerns regarding safety. That's why he's working on a bill to better protect lawmakers.

"Potentially have a situation that Capitol Police might be able to train and certify members of congress and some of their staff," Collins said.

Collins has faced a lot of criticism for his support for the president and his controversial statements. Collins admitted the tone of the country has to change. Although he said President Trump isn't the problem.

"Somebody talks about something that is untrue destroyed and they are trying to interpret the constitution in a way it shouldn't be. That's what's adding to it.It is everyone fault," Collins said.