Community thanks first responders with "Blue Mass"

Posted at 12:49 AM, Oct 16, 2016

Dozens of first responders marched into St. Joseph Cathedral in Downtown Buffalo, to the music of the Greater Buffalo Firefighters Pipe and Drum. The Catholic Diocese held this "Blue Mass" to say thank you to the men and women in blue.

"I don't think we stop long enough to think about the tremendous sacrifice and the tremendous work, often under very difficult circumstances, all of our first responders are committed to day after day in our community," said Bishop of Buffalo, Richard J. Malone. 

It's the second annual "Blue Mass" held by the Diocese of Buffalo. A service, the Diocese says, it holds to honor those who protect and serve throughout Western New York.

"Problems can burst out and these are the folks that need to be in the front line," said Bishop Malone. "We need to thank them and pray for them."

It comes at a time when community and police relations have, at times, clashed across our nation. Deacon Dan Golinski, who is a first responder and technical sergeant for New York State police himself, says services like this one, are meant to bring the community together.

"In this day in age it's a wonderful thing because things are so heated these days in our neighborhoods, towns and cities, and to see the people coming together and celebrate first responders and realize that they live and exist to serve others is an amazing thing," said Golinski.

"It's a risky vocation for them and for their families," said Father Ross Syracuse, who is a Chaplain for the Buffalo Police Department, Sheriff's Department, and Transportation Authority police. "They put their life on the line for people... they're unsung heroes."

Unsung heroes, who will continue to be thanked, during this annual mass.