Community heartbreak: Teen dies after hit by car

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 18:08:41-04

Cheektowaga Police have confirmed that Sherilann Lorenz, 16, has died from her injuries after being hit by a car as she crossed Union Road near the Kensington Expressway on Monday July 30th.

Lorenz was riding her bike at the time of the accident and was heading to her job as a lifeguard at the Maryvale Pool in Cheektowaga.

Police are still interested in hearing from anyone who has pictures or videos of the accident but it has been determined that charges will not be filed against the vehicle's driver.

The death is triggering a community heartbreak.

Cleveland Hill Schools' Superintendent Jon MacSwan called it "devastating" because Lorenz had established a reputation going into her junior year as a very involved student-athlete.

MacSwan said the teenager took part in several sports, like track and volleyball, worked on the school yearbook and was the student government treasurer.

"She was a role model for everyone and she will be sorely missed," said the superintendent.

The death is also heartbreaking for the medical community.

Her mother, Wendy Lorenz, is a long-time brain cancer nurse for the Dent Neurologic Institute.  In addition, Wendy Lorenz is the Dent liaison at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo.

"I have people coming into my office crying and in tears because they know the family.  It is very difficult," said Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, M.D., Medical Director for Dent and Chief of Roswell Park's Department of Neuro-Oncology.

Co-workers at Dent and Roswell are so sad that they have created a GoFundMe account to help the family that, they say, was always ready to help others in a time of crisis.

You can view the GoFundMe page here:


7 Eyewitness News Reporter Ed Reilly has more in his report.



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