Coalition seeks tuition aid for foster youths

Posted at 4:28 AM, Feb 23, 2016

A coalition of community groups is asking for more money to help cover college costs for youths who have been in New York's foster care system.

The Cuomo administration has proposed continuing $1.5 million for the program in the coming year.

Advocates say the program supported 352 students this year. They want the governor and lawmakers to increase funding to $4.5 million and extend it to hundreds more.

The coalition says New York has 20,000 children and youths in foster care, about 4,000 college age, and less than 10 percent will get college degrees because they lack family support.

About one-quarter of New Yorkers aging out of foster care will be homeless within four years, and half will be unemployed at 24.

The program offers financial aid and other support.