Council members plan Buffalo water plant visit

Posted at 11:53 PM, Feb 07, 2016

The lead tainted water nearly 300 miles away in Flint, Michigan has sparked interest into the water quality here in the Queen City.

“I have received question from some residents in the city of Buffalo about the process that the City of Buffalo has with its water,” Buffalo Common Council member Joel Feroleto told 7 Eyewitness News.

Councilman Feroleto says his constituents have expressed concern, and he wants to provide them with the most accurate information possible.

“So council member Darius Pridgen and I are touring the Buffalo water treatment plant to ask some questions, see how the plant operates, and gather some more information.”

Council President Pridgen is quite familiar with the ongoing crisis in Flint. Just two weeks ago, the community and church leader collected donations of bottled water. Pridgen and several members of his congregation then hand delivered to the water to those in need.

In a city with an ageing infrastructure Councilman Feroleto says he understands why many have reached out to him with concern, but says the water is safe and is hoping tomorrow’s visit will confirm that.

“I know annually they do put on the website their water testing results but we just want to have a better knowledge of what the city of buffalo has for its water.”

The Erie County Health Department has a lot of information about lead and lead poisoning on their website.