Clown sightings leave people on edge

Posted at 11:46 PM, Sep 27, 2016

Recent clown sightings across the country have people on edge.

People dressed in clown costumes in six states have been trying to scare people, in some cases, even trying to lure children and adults into the woods.

Viral photo of 'scary clown' in Buffalo isn't from Buffalo at all

Local entertainers, like Connie Morrow say this is giving local entertainers a bad rap.

Morrow entertains at children's birthday parties and other activities. She says parents have been worried about recent incidents, making headlines across the country.

"A real clown would never try to scare kids," she said. "A real clown would see the child is afraid and back off and wait to see what happens."

There have not been any reports of this clown activity in Western New York. The closest is Bradford, Pennsylvania where police there say there are rumors of clown activity, but nothing confirmed.

Morrow says if parents are worried about the clown entertainers, they can always ask for a background check.