Closing arguments in first Freddie Gray trial

Posted at 9:25 AM, Dec 14, 2015

Closing arguments in the first trial against a Baltimore police officer are expected on Monday. Officer William Porter is charged with assault, manslaughter and misconduct.

The defense rested their case on Friday. Prosecutors claim Porter ignored general orders that mandate suspects be secured with seat-belts when being transported.

They also said Porter ignored Gray's pleas for help.

"The prosecution has presented evidence that went far beyond what the public expected and that's what makes their case very strong," said Doug Colbert, a University of Maryland Law Professor.

Porter's mother was in court on Friday and was the final witness called to the stand in her son's defense referring to him as a peacemaker.

"I think she was icing on the cake, but I just don't see where the state has convinced anyone, that, beyond a reasonable doubt, that simply not belting him in when it wasn't his responsibility, reflected a callous disregard for the life of Freddie Gray," said Warren Brown, an attorney an courtroom observer.

The jury could be charged with this case as early as Monday afternoon. Experts expect a verdict either Monday or Tuesday.

Gray died in April from injuries he suffered while in police custody. His death sparked days of rioting in the city.




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