Clerk candidate calls for more DMV revenues

Clerk candidate calls for more DMV revenues
Posted at 8:01 AM, Sep 12, 2015

A candidate for Niagara County Clerk is calling on New York State to enact legislation to increase the local share of DMV revenues.

Niagara County Clerk candidate Joe Jastrzemski is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature to increase the local share of DMV revenues from 12.7 percent to 25 percent.

Jastrzemski also wans to the state to stop undercutting local DMVs in its interactions with auto dealerships.

Jastrzemski says a pilot program offered by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles cuts the locally-mandated DMVs out of licensing and registering newly-sold automobiles altogether - meaning that Albany collects 100 percent of the fees associated with putting a car on the road, despite requiring local counties to provide DMV services without state funds.

“We need to tell Albany that when good, local DMV clerks are processing the transactions, more of those fees should stay here locally,” Jastrzemski said. “We should be allowed to keep adequate funds to pay for our DMVs.”






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