Clergy members hold peaceful protest in Buffalo

Posted at 12:29 PM, Dec 08, 2014

Clergy men and women gathered on the steps of Buffalo City Hall Monday morning, declaring that they stand in unison with protestors in Ferguson and New York City.

Monday's gathering included a few dozen clergy members from western New York.

It is a sign of growing momentum in Buffalo and across the country, as protests continue. Protests have been sparked by deadly police encounters in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City and Cleveland.

Clergy members in western New York emphasize they are pro-police, but want to hold law enforcement accountable and weed out any bad apples.

The clergy members are also calling for an eight-point-plan.

It includes encouraging more diversity in the judicial system, by urging Senator Charles Schumer to recommend an African American as US District Judge. The plan also includes appointing a special prosecutor to cases involving abuse of power, placing body cameras on police officers and teaching youth how to interact with police officers.

A protest Saturday will take place at noon at Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo.