Cleanup underway in the Southtowns

Posted at 5:45 PM, Nov 23, 2014

In the Southtowns, the focus has turned to assessing the damage and cleaning up, now that the record-setting snow has stopped and most people have finally gotten out.

A synchronized line of dump trucks and bucket loaders took over many of the main streets in the Village of Hamburg on Sunday, picking up and clearing out more than five feet of heavy snow that has been clogging up the area. 

"The five, six feet was absolutely unbelievable, I've never seen anything quite like it. And these crews are unbelievable, they're synchronized, they keep moving out the snow, I'm impressed," Village Trustee Laura Hackathorn said.

The weight of several feet of snow collapsed one of the greenhouses at draudts farm market... causing more than ten thousand dollars in damage.

"My damage is just the one structure and maybe a little damage to the one next to it. A lot of tree damage and wires. But for me, I came out so much better than some other farmers in the area, other green house growers. They got hit a lot harder than me," owner Les Draudt said.

Like Zittle's Farms, who lost ten greenhouses and nearly everything inside.

And on top of feet of snow and ice, many residents in the Southtowns have to clean up massive tree limbs and branches that were ripped down from the sheet weight of all that snow. Sherburn Drive in the Village of Hamburg is littered with broken tree branches, some up to a foot wide. They're mostly on top of snow banks and cleared from out of the road, but even that doesn't solve the problem.

"All the ice is on top of all the branches, so you can't clear them out and it could be dangerous, a lot of sharp stuff pointing out. The sidewalks aren't clear but when they do get cleared it's going to be a cleanup effort," Hamburg resident Matt Platt said.

An effort that a good portion of the region will be taking part in for quite some time.