Cincy's Andy Dalton gives back to Buffalo with donation to Roswell Park

Posted at 5:44 PM, Aug 15, 2018

Andy Dalton may play for the Cincinnati Bengals, but there's no question Buffalo will always hold a special place in his heart.

The quarterback announced via Twitter today that the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, which Bills fans flooded with donations after Dalton threw a touchdown on New Year's Eve that sent the Bills to the playoffs, will be making a donation to the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Institute next week. 

"Y'all supported us so much, so we want to give back," Dalton said in the video with his wife Jordan by his side. 

Mrs. Dalton will also travel to Buffalo with board members of the foundation to visit Roswell Park ahead of the Bills' preseason game against the Bengals on August 26th.

The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation provides support for seriously ill and physically challenged children in Cincinnati and Dalton's hometown of Fort Worth, Texas

"We're so thankful for everything y'all have done for us, for our community, the families in our community through our foundation that we want to give back to y'all," Jordan Dalton said to Bills fans. "We're just forever grateful and we look forward to seeing y'all on game day!"

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