Ciminelli withdraws portions of controversial Elmwood project

Posted at 9:31 AM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 09:31:57-05

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation (CREC) announced a major change Thursday in its project in the City of Buffalo's Elmwood Village.

CREC will be dropping the most controversial part of the proposed Arbor + Reverie mixed-use development effort, which would have included the demolition of the Arbor site located along Bidwell Parkway.

CREC says it has decided to move forward with the Reverie building and 721 Ashland Avenue and the restoration of the former Sunday Skateshop at 587 Potomac Avenue, but will pull the demolition permits for the Arbor site plan.

This decision comes after ongoing feedback from the public.

"Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation has made the voluntary decision to take a step back and remove Arbor from the proposed project plan," said project attorney Adam Walters. "The company is going to take additional time to develop an approach to that aspect of the project; one which both Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation and the Elmwood Village neighborhood can get behind and better agree on."

The plans for Reverie, located along Elmwood Avenue on the northern block of the project site, has been scaled down to four stories from five, and will include retail space, residential units and additional parking. It will be built with brick in order to maintain the same aesthetic as the neighborhood.

CREC says 588 Potomac Avenue will be rehabilitated and 721 Ashland Avenue will be rebuilt to offer one-bedroom apartments.