Cheektowaga backyard bulls need a ride to Niagara Co.

Posted at 9:57 PM, Feb 24, 2017

There's something off on Cleveland Drive in Cheektowaga.

“I heard it, but I thought I was tripping,” said Dennis Thompson as he walked back from the store.

“Then I came back and I heard it again”

In a backyard, off a busy suburban road, you'll find two cows, bulls to be precise.

“No, I've never had cows in my backyard before,” said Hillary Singer.

Singer loves all animals. That love was on display when she learned a one-day-old calf her friend just bought at an auction was very sick. Singer decided to take care of it. She packed the baby bull in her minivan, and brought him home. To keep the cow warm in the winter, she bought another cow that was going to be slaughtered for veal.

The plan was simple. Take care of the animals for a few weeks.

“They still get a bottle not that they need the bottle but, I'm trying to keep them quiet,” said Singer. 

That’s easier said than done. They often moo when she walks away from them.

Singer is trying to move the animals to a farm in Appleton. 

“Obviously they need to go,” said Singer.

The bulls are too big to fit inside the minivan again.

Police and animal control know about the cows. There's an agreement to get the bulls out of the backyard as quickly as possible. But, the cows still need a ride.  

“If there is anybody out there who could help, or knows somebody who could help it would be very appreciated,” said Singer.

If you want to help Hillary Singer. You can email her: