Cheaper winter forecasted for National Grid customers

Posted at 2:51 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 15:06:51-04

Good news for homeowners -- it'll cost less to heat your home this winter.

National Grid is predicting its Western New York residential electric customers will see their bills approximately 6.9 percent lower than last year.

The company believes their wholesale supply prices will fall between November 1 and March 31, which is the winter heating season.

The forecast is based on an average monthly use of 600 kilowatt-hours and assumes a typical winter.

Under those guidelines, the company estimates you will save $5.67 each month or about $24.34 for the entire season.

The company advises customers to continue to take advantage of energy efficiency programs despite lower bills.

“Simple steps taken now - like changing furnace filters, increasing insulation, sealing windows and doors and using LED light bulbs - can help control energy costs this winter and all year around," said John Bruckner, National Grid's New York president.

National Grid offers energy-saving tips on its website. Here are a few examples:

  • Replace five incandescent lights with ENERGY STAR® light bulbs and save $9 a month.
  • Turn off lights, appliances, TVs, stereos, and computers when not in use, and save approximately $9 a month.
  • Unplug your electric space heater or hot tub and save $41 a month.
  • Recycle your second, older refrigerator and you can save $23 a month.
  • Washing your clothes in cold water can save you $9 per month.  Repair leaky faucets and save $6 per month.
  • Unplug electronics with remote control or “instant on” features and save $4 a month. An advanced power strip will do the work for you.
  • Install a programmable thermostat that lowers the setting at night and when no one is home, and save $15 a month.
  • Caulk, weather-strip around windows and doors to keep warm air in and save $13 a month.
  • When buying new appliances, always choose ENERGY STAR® and save $11-$24 a month for the life of the appliance. 

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