Chart shows when it's too cold to walk your dog

Posted at 2:58 AM, Jan 12, 2018

With much of the country experiencing extreme winter weather, staying warm is a top priority. But this time of year leaves many pet owners with a quandary: How can their dog get the outdoor activity they need in such cold weather? Is it even safe to walk them, or is it possible for temperatures to be too low for a dog to enjoy time outdoors safely?

This handy chart designed by Petplan veterinarian Dr. Kim Smyth makes it easy to understand the risks of letting a dog play outside, no matter what type of pup it is. The information in the chart is based on a set of guidelines created by experts at Tufts University.




Smyth’s color-coded chart can help dog-owners easily decipher whether it’s too cold for their pet outside. It even takes into account a dog’s size, as well as whether the conditions are wet, in addition to being cold. It could definitely be something worth printing out and keeping handy.