Charges won't be filed against Sabres' Kane

Posted at 3:54 PM, Mar 11, 2016

Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane has been cleared of any criminal charges after being the subject of a sexual assault investigation. 

Acting Erie County District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty released a statement on Friday saying  "After a careful and diligent examination of all the known facts, including the results of forensic and toxicological testing, neither the provable facts nor the applicable law support the filing of any criminal charges or prosecution in this matter."

The investigation centered on an incident that happened in December at the Buffalo Marriott Hotel at HARBORCENTER. There was never a criminal complaint filed. Flaherty says the investigation was the result of the Buffalo Police following automatic protocols that are in place.

“In this particular case there never was a [criminal] complaint", said Flaherty in a news conference. "This is a situation where the investigation started as a result of protocol triggers.” When asked, Flaherty said he felt bad for Kane. 

In a statement, Kane's agent, Craig Oster said "We're thankful the process is over. Evander cooperated fully throughout the process. We were confident that the process would come to completion like it did. Evander is thankful for the support of the Sabres, his teammates, and the fans. He is glad to have this behind him and move forward." Kane told reporters in December that "I've done nothing wrong."