Charges against Evander Kane could be dropped in six months

Judge granted 'ACD'
Posted at 12:33 PM, Oct 31, 2016

Evander Kane's legal troubles could be over soon.

Buffalo City Court Judge Barbara Johnson-Lee granted an 'adjournment in contemplation of dismissal' or ACD for Kane's charges stemming from an incident at Bottoms up on Chippewa.

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The charges, four harassment and one trespassing charge, will be dismissed and sealed in six months if Kane stays out of legal trouble.

The Erie County District Attorney's office says that this is routine procedure for people with non-criminal charges and no prior record. Acting DA Michael Flaherty says Kane was not treated any differently because of his athlete status.

Flaherty also said an extensive investigation was conducted by Buffalo Police, including the review of surveillance footage from Bottoms Up. He said in the video, Kane can be seen grabbing a woman by her wrist and hair, but his actions did not meet criteria of assault or criminal status. 

"His actions weren't gentlemanly...It could be described as I said, arrogant, boorish and surly but not criminal," said Flaherty on Kane's conduct back in June.

All people involved in the scuffle at Bottoms Up, according to the DA's office, are in agreement with the ACD and have not requested any orders of protection. The owners of Bottoms Up say Kane was not trespassing.

"We denied them [the charges] from day one, so we thought they were inappropriate and we said so by denying any wrongdoing," said Paul Cambria, Kane's attorney. 

Cambria says Kane's priority now is healing from his injuries and heading back on to the ice. He does not anticipate any civil charges to be filed or discipline from the Sabres organization.