Central Terminal to get $5 million from Buffalo Billion

Posted at 11:45 AM, Apr 13, 2018

New York State is investing $5 million into ongoing restoration of the Buffalo Central Terminal.

The funding will come from the Buffalo Billion Initiative and be used to restore the concourse of the Art Deco masterpiece, which was abandoned when train service ended in 1979.

The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation will oversee the distribution of the funding. The CTRC will use a recent study by the Urban Land Institute as a blueprint for restoration efforts. 

The corporation plans to develop a full-time staff that will oversee a master plan for the 17-story landmark, along with fundraising and marketing.

The CTRC currently hosts approximately 30 public events a year inside the terminal. The goal is to create a year-round event space, waiting room areas and facilities for catering and entertainment.  



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