Celebrating veterans ahead of Independence Day

Posted at 11:47 PM, Jul 01, 2016

A red, white, and blue flag hung high and proud on the front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1419 building. With Fourth of July around the corner, this veterans' organization was able to put together a wonderful celebration for veterans. 

Gloria Duman, Don Hancock and his wife, were the members who organized this tribute that brought together 23 vets. What took a month to plan, brought together memories that will last a lifetime. 

"Being a World War II Veteran, when you are amongst your fellow buddies, it is like having your first child after you're married," said WWII Veteran Earle Heusinger. "It's something wonderful. It's something to celebrate. I'm just glad to be here and alive."

"I met a lot of friends here," said Teddy Bucki, while looking at his new friend, Dick Jones. "I met a good Marine, and I didn't know he was in the Marine Corps."

As years have gone by, many say they don't think Vets are recognized as much they used to be.

"I don't think enough recognition has been given to the World War II veterans," said Combat Veteran Russell Deveso.

"I mention Iwo Jima and they have never heard of it," said Bucki. "I think the younger generation just take it for granted that they are here and have a place to live."

"I don't think the Government of the United States has given them enough recognition," said Heusinger. "No one does more for Veterans than Veterans."

Remember to thank these courageous men and women for their service.

"You would never know unless you have been there," said Heusinger. "There's no place like the good ol' USA. It's wonderful to be home and to enjoy the freedom which our boys are still fighting for."

Post 1419 is asking that if anybody has artifacts from the wars that they would like to memorialize, get these items to them, so that they can place them in the museum they are currently constructing. They are located on 2985 Lakeview Road in Hamburg.