Case of parents accused of severe child neglect ready for trial

Posted at 11:47 AM, Aug 23, 2016

Prosecutors in the case of Maureen Fabre and Tirell Hagans say the case is ready for trial.

The parents are accused of severe child neglect, police say the conditions were some of the worst they had ever seen.

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Hagans failed to appear in court on Tuesday, telling his attorney he was unable to come because he is the sole caretaker of a sick child; not the one he has with Fabre.

Judge Amy Martoche called for Hagans to appear in court Wednesday morning. If he fails to appear Judge Martoche will issue a warrant for his arrest.

Fabre's attorney says both she and Hagans will serve as co-defendants.

A motions hearing is set for September 22nd. 

A protective order preventing contact with their three children remains in effect for Fabre and Hagans.