Canalside increases security, bans backpacks

Posted at 12:04 AM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 00:06:11-04
The City of Buffalo and Canalside rolled out new security measures Thursday, which now include the exclusion of backpacks.

Many concert-goers were screened as they entered the Canalside venue, but if they had a backpack, were forced to leave it behind. Backpacks are now a banned item at Canalside.
"I think they can just check them," said one concertgoer who was forced to leave her backpack behind. "I don't consider myself a threat."
In addition to the backpacks, concert-goers will see more Buffalo Police and security guards at Canalside. No one is allowed in after 9:30, and there will be beefed up security at the gates.
Many say this type of action is the new normal.
"I don't like the hassle but it's necessary with all that's going on," said one concert-goer.
Measures like these follow the July 4th incident at Canalside, where the report of shots fired sent people running for the exits.
In the long term, the Buffalo Police will establish a substation at Canalside, the venue will increase lighting in dark areas and also add double layer fencing to secure perimeters.