Canalside concert organizers may consider charge

Posted at 11:38 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 08:22:24-04

Thursday night was the last Canalside Concert of the summer. The Buffalo free concerts brings people from all over western New York and beyond. But there could be changes coming to the concerts.

When asked if there could be a charge for the concerts next year, a Canalside Concert Series spokesperson said this: “There's no commitment, yet. We have a lot to discuss as we recap this year. But, at this point I don't really have a comment on that,” said Ryan Coate the General Manager at Spectra Venue Management, Canalside Buffalo.

That could very well mean the shows will go on next summer free of charge.  But it also leaves room for the potential of a cover charge.  And concert goers have differing opinions when it comes to the idea of paying for the shows.

“It depends on how much. If you need to charge five bucks at the gate,” said Jared Strickland of Russell, Pennsylvania. “People should still support it, I think.”

“It might hurt them. I know it hurt Art Park. I think that I'm a little more willing to pay for beer and concessions and stuff like that, if it keeps the concert free,” said Robert deGuehery of Buffalo.

Concert officials did not say when or if they plan on announcing any change to the cost.