Butter shortage in France as global demand grows

Butter shortage in France as global demand grows
Posted at 5:48 AM, Oct 20, 2017

Blame the croissant.

French pastries, and butter, have become so popular abroad that the increased demand led to a mini shortage of the dairy product in French supermarkets.

According to the body in charge of listing the cost of foods, the price of butter rose 60 percent in August to $7.90 per kilogram, creating fears of a shortage of Christmas treats such as the traditional Yule Log.

Some French regions, including Brittany and Normandy, have reportedly been hit harder by the butter shortage, which is also linked to a lack of milk in Europe.

Dominique Charge, the head of the national cooperative of dairy products, told French radio RTL butter is "more and more in demand in emerging economies like China and the Middle East."