BBB releases top 10 scams of 2015

Posted at 2:18 PM, Dec 30, 2015

The Better Business Bureau has released its list of the top 10 scams of 2015.

The BBB was able to collect the information using their new Scam Tracker.

According to national statistics, billions more lost annually to scams of all types. In a survey by Trecaller/Harris it was reported approximately 17.6 million Americans were victims of phone scams alone last year, losing $8.6 billion with an average loss of $488.80.

The Top 10 Scams are:

  1. Tax Scams
  2. Debt Collections
  3. Sweepstakes/Prizes/Gifts
  4. Tech Support
  5. Government Grant
  6. Advanced Fee Loan
  7. Credit cards
  8. Work from Home
  9. Fake Check/Money Order
  10. Lottery

Here's some suggestions from the BBB on What you can do:

  • Don’t be pressured into making fast decisions.
  • Take time to research the organization. Check bbb.org, search online, etc.
  • Never provide your personal information (address, date of birth, banking information, ID numbers) to people you do not know.
  • Don’t click on links from unsolicited email or text messages.
  • If you are unsure about a call or email that claims to be from your bank, utility company, etc., call the business directly using the number on your bill or credit card.
  • Never send money by wire transfer or prepaid debit card to someone you don’t know or haven’t met in person.
  • Never send money for an emergency situation unless you can verify the emergency.