New interest in old Buffalo buildings

Posted at 10:08 AM, Dec 30, 2014

Abandoned structures in the Buffalo area are attracting attention from investors and developers, according to a new in-depth report in this week's Business First.

For instance, the A&P Warehouse sat unwanted for years, but now investors' views are changing. Success in Larkinville is prompting developers to kick off a $6 million project to reuse the site for apartments and more.

Developers say it's all about timing. Many buildings in the central business district are spoken for so developers are getting creative and looking elsewhere. They say people are seeing opportunities that weren't there before.

A study by the Buffalo Building Reuse Project shows how 515 buildings in the city are all candidates for adaptive reuse.

The Amherst IDA says they are seeing more interest in old buildings in the suburbs as well.

This week's Business First includes a list of current reuse projects.

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