Deadlines this week to get packages shipped

Posted at 7:49 AM, Dec 16, 2014

It is the busiest shipping week of the year and other deadlines are approaching.

Tuesday is the last day to get packages to the West Coast through ground shipping if you are using UPS. The last day for ground shipping for FEDEX is Wednesday. There are other options but they are more expensive.

When shipping, customers want to make sure that their package is labeled properly and the gift wrap is tight. Also, at UPS there is not a limit to the number of items but the package must be under 150 pounds. If it is over that weight, it will have to go Freight mail which is costly.

Employees said this is a busy week every year but because of the November snowstorm, it’s even worse. UPS workers expect lines to be out the door, Tuesday.

To find out the last day to ship for FedEx, click here. To find out the last day to ship for UPS, follow this link.