Burt-native Michigan men's basketball coach comes just short of national title

Posted at 11:18 AM, Apr 03, 2018

In 2013, Michigan head coach John Beilein walked off the court in Atlanta in defeat, falling to Louisville and then-head coach Rick Pitino 82-76. On Monday, his team came up just short again, losing in the title game to Villanova 79-62.

But nonetheless his family, packing the house he grew up in to watch the game, couldn't be prouder.

"John hates to lose," his brother Tom said. "If we pitched to him in the side yard, we couldn't strike him out because he'd refuse to put the bat down and walk away."

Beilein has 248 wins at Michigan in a career that started at Erie Community College in 1978. He coached at six schools before taking over at his current job in 2007, and has since taken Michigan to two Final Four appearances.

"John's dream was to coach in the Final Four," his brother Tom said. "From a very early age, I'd say high school age on - that's kind of unusual."

Beilein's first appearance in the NCAA tournament came in 2009, just two years after taking over the head coaching job. Before 2009, Michigan hadn't made the dance since 1998. Since 2009, Michigan has failed to make the tournament just twice (2010 and 2015).

John is the second-youngest of nine Beilein children, who have paved the way for 71 third-generation Beileins. That big family made for one packed watch party in the family home in Burt.